"V A N I S H I N G B O U N D A R I E S" was a visual and collaborative project I put together via Grappa Frisbee Records in early February 2013. I had musicians submit musical compositions and interpreted these sounds visually, resulting in a 14 track free album with a PDF booklet of the artwork featured for each track...

"V A N I S H I N G B O U N D A R I E S" is a new compilation from Grappa Frisbee Records, presenting an in-depth look and listen at the vibe we surround ourselves with.

Somewhere, there is a defining line between the energies of sight and sound, we often see these things as 2 separate entities; in reality they are much closer than we assume. Artists might have the best understanding of this energy "limbo", using colors to describe sound, taste to describe artwork, and emotions to describe rhythm.

In the spirit of this understanding of "oneness", we present you "V A N I S H I N G B O U N D A R I E S", in the hopes that this combinations of sights and sounds may help you break down the barriers and vanish the boundaries....
released 08 February 2013
All musical rights reserved by individual artists.
All visual rights reserved by CHD©2013
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